Amanda Horton Kinney

Waste Not Want Not

Amanda Horton Kinney is currently a stay-at-home mother with several years experience in Retail Management. Her love of crafting and repurposing was inspired by a television show in the early 2000’s called “Trading Spaces”.

As a young person just starting out on her own, she used her first apartment to test out the ability to decorate on a budget. With no extra money for new things, Amanda decided to use things she found in thrift stores and even things left beside dumpsters to create “new to her” décor for her tiny first home. From there, family and friends started asking for advice on what to do in their own homes and/or for specialty made items.

She has now branched out from simply decorating homes to finding new uses for things some may consider to be trash, old or just plain ugly. Coming from a long line of seamstresses, Amanda was taught to sew at a very young age, teaching her patience and the ability to think outside the box. Once she started making things of out nothing basically, she was hooked. From there, Amanda has now begun painting, sanding, gluing, shaping, repurposing and anything else she can come up with. This is what she truly loves to do and it is her hope that you as consumers, friends, family and others will all love it as well.

If you have a piece of furniture you love but hate its current state, Amanda is available for consultation on custom pieces. Email her at with any questions or comments.

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