Ginny Robertson

The Crafty Crane


I am a down-home farm girl at heart. I love crafting, gardening, my family and vintage – they all have a story.

My crafting story started when I learned to knit when I was 8 yrs old. Sewing, jewelry and fiber arts were next.

I’m into repurposing & reusing – from furniture to fairy gardens to motherboards. “Busy Hands = Happy Heart” is the philosophy that I learned on the farm growing up, and for me, it’s God’s way of life.

We are blessed to have our own farm now where we have raised 4 children. It’s near the Mayo River where we get to see the herons and cranes flying overhead. The crane has many meanings – happiness, healing and good fortune are just a few. Happiness is finding something to enjoy. So be creative. Faith is healing, and good fortune is found every day in you life if you just look for it.

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