Rob Burbank

LOT 2540 Board Member


Rob Burbank is incredibly passionate about helping others understand God’s plan for their lives and encouraging them to reach their God given potential. In early 2012, after spending nearly 25 years in the corporate world, God called him to step away from all that was familiar and comfortable….everything that defined him.

He believes God instilled in him a sense of purpose he had never felt before. To that point, without realizing it, God was preparing Rob for the journey ahead. His whole life was the warm up and training session for what was to be his future. Who knew that his past experiences, every failure, each success and learned skill would be the building blocks he would need to be used as God saw fit.

God has taken an incredibly broken man and given him hope and a future. Rob believes God has filled him with the desires and abilities to have a hand in doing the same for others. As a board member and avid supporter of L​OT 2540 ​and visionary behind t​he 1Mproject,​ Rob wants to live a life opening doors, giving others in need a hand up, and see God do His work in their life. He has come to realize we all have a small part in a BIG play.

For relaxation, Rob enjoys doing just about anything outdoors, hanging out with his wife Beth, playing the piano and writing.