Martin (Marty) Roberts

Executive Director


When you visit LOT 2540’s Mayodan location, you will likely see Marty as he directs the ministry’s day-to-day activities. He is hands-on with everything from the recycling and salvaging of product to salvage store operations to community relations to vision and implementation of relational ministries and services to relating, coaching and mentoring of families and individuals.

Marty came to LOT 2540 in December of 2011 because “the Spirit kept pushing, and I finally said yes” to the salvation and restoration theme of the Bible which is still operating in his own life. He’s thrilled to be a part of the dynamic staff and excited to work alongside LOT 2540’s grassroots volunteers to love our neighbors out of crisis into stability and to build strong, healthy ties in our communities.

Before LOT 2540, Marty was a business owner, manager and IT technical support specialist, working throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and living in Southwestern Rockingham County. Even then, he had a heart for compassion and mercy missions. He volunteered in a food pantry, worked with formerly homeless families at Urban Ministries’ Pathways model, coached, mentored, taught and spent many afternoons hoeing and harvesting in a community garden which fed thousands in the local community.

When Marty is not at LOT, he spends time with his wonderful wife, Elizabeth, & children (Dennis, Judy, Tyler, Hannah and CJ) at church and school events. He likes to work around the house recycling, restoring and enjoying God’s creation.