James Caffarel

LOT 2540 Interim Board Chair



Being born on the Bayou, James has lived and learned hospitality and care for all people through the energy, cuisine, music, and culture of Southern Louisiana. His motto is that Les Bon Temp Roulle (let the good times roll!) does not only apply to fun, but life itself…!

Studying Marketing, Economics, and Finance at LSU and Tulane led James to a career of Sales, and Sales Management in the Footwear Industry allowing him to travel all of the United States, Canada, and the Far East. Assisting customers with design, pricing, production, and profitability was all a function of learning their needs and providing the solution. 

In his words – “Using this experience, empathy, and understanding of people through recycling, restoration, and love, we at LOT are privileged to provide (solutions) faith, hope, and love to those in Rockingham County that need a little help. After all, we are only sharing the Love we have received from Christ. Saying yes to the opportunities put before us.” 

For a little extra (lagniappe), James enjoys LSU football, fishing, hunting, and Cajun Cooking.