Darrell Thornton

LOT 2540 Board Member


Darrell Thornton wants to live in a world where there is joy and happiness. A world where people respect each other and love one another. A world where there is no more pain, no more sorrow, no more hunger, no more war, and no more suffering. Darrell wants to live in a world where all people recognize that Jesus is Lord and live their lives to please and honor Him!

As a board member at LOT 2540, Darrell is the Pastor of Made New Church, and he is also the Director of Operations of Made New Thrift and Salvage “A Crisis to Stability Ministry” in Mullens, West Virginia.

When Darrell is not pastoring his flock at Made New Church or directing at the mission, you can find him relaxing at home watching a good movie or on the banks of the local streams, rivers, and lakes trying a catch some fish.

You can keep up with Darrell and all that he is doing in Mullens, WV at www.facebook.com/madenewwesleyanministries.