If you have a chance to visit LOT 2540, you will meet some of the folks who make us what we are. Everyone who works with this ministry is here because we love God and we love people. The ministry is a great place for us to put that love into action. Many of us have in our lives received a helping hand to get through a tough time. Now it’s our turn to give back.

Meet Our Board

Martin (Marty) Roberts

Executive Director

Craig Barnes

LOT 2540 Board Member

Sharon Chirichella

LOT2540 Board Member

Stephen Hinton

LOT 2540 Board Member

Brett Koceja

LOT2540 Board Member

Leanna Lawson

LOT 2540 Board Member

Eddie McClure

LOT 2540 Board Member

James (Jim) Roberts

LOT 2540 Board Member

Meet Our Staff

Martin Roberts-Director, Victor Johnson-Mobile Market Director

Our Thrift Store Team Denise Pratt, Thrift Store Manger & Internet Sales, Elizabeth Roberts, Assistant Manager

Sales Associates-Heather Belton, Issac Belton, Eric Belton

Pantry Team-Elizabeth Roberts, Manager, Sylvanis Davis, team member

The Well Cafe-Debbie Turner, Manager

Gordon Mills-Mobile Market Driver



“It’s an opportunity to live out what God’s purpose is for me.”

– Core LOT Volunteer when asked what LOT means to her.

We are blessed to have a core group of 12-15 volunteers from the local community. Without the amount of hours that they give to LOT on a regular basis, this ministry would not function. During special events, it has been exciting to see 40-50 volunteers both from within and without our community come together to support LOT. Our volunteers are excited and passionate about the work that we are doing. It’s their way of being Jesus in the streets of Rockingham County.

Become a part of our essential and valued Volunteer Team!