LOT 2540 is celebrating TEN YEARS of sharing love, hope and healthy food with residents across Rockingham County

Our mission as a community based organization, in partnership with businesses, churches, organizations, and non-profits is to provide opportunities for those we serve to live out healthier, more productive lives. LOT 2540 provides these vital services through their Home Delivery Program for the elderly, The Well Lunch Counter, Celebrate Hope Food Pantry, Elevate teaching program, and the Rockingham United Mobile Market Food Pantry.

We need your help this season in order for our Seventh Annual Spring BBQ fundraising event to be a success!

We are asking you to make a tax deductible cash donation to L.O.T. 2540 Inc. We would also welcome your donation of materials including Silent Auction Items, Gift Baskets, Gift Cards, Table Sponsorships, Food and materials to make this fundraiser a success..

We Can All Make a Difference

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Text your donation – Text “DonateLOT2540” to 609-375-0446 to give today!

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