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Empty Plates Fall Fundraiser Dinner

Sunday, October 30th @ 3 pm
Boma Lodge, Madison, NC

What a great opportunity we all have RIGHT NOW to share in simple acts of kindness and love with our neighbors who may be struggling with hunger and crisis. On Sunday October 30th, LOT 2540 is hosting our 2nd annual Empty Plates dinner and fundraiser; you’re invited to get involved by supporting our mission of bringing Encouraging Hope, Jesus’ Love, Nutritious Food, Healthy Relationships & Strong Community to Rockingham County, NC.

Thank you so much! If you prefer you can make a tax deductible monetary donation directly to LOT 2540 Inc./Rockingham United. Donations can be made by visiting https://lot2540.betterworld.org/donate or by dropping by in person, or mailing a gift to LOT 2540 Inc., 411 South
Second Avenue, Mayodan, NC 27027.

If you require additional information about LOT 2540, please contact us directly at 336.523.0541 or send an email to: 411@lot2540.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also visit our websites at www.lot2540.com or www.feedrockingham.org

Thank you for filling empty plates across Rockingham County.


Our EIN is: 45-2387075.


As a community-based organization, LOT 2540 partners with businesses, churches, organizations, and non-profits to provide opportunities for those we serve to live healthier, more productive lives. LOT 2540 provides vital hunger relief services, across Rockingham County, through the Home Delivery Program for the elderly, The Well Lunch Counter, Celebrate Hope Food Pantry, Elevate educational program, and the Rockingham United Mobile Market Food Pantry.

Additional funds will help increase our capacity to provide services and empower vulnerable populations at the neighborhood level, to live healthier, productive lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Your willingness to support our efforts is appreciated at any level. Thank you in advance for meeting the need and filling empty plates across Rockingham County. . .

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Click Here: Rockingham United Mobile Food Pantry
Click Here: The Well Café Lunch Counter
Click Here: Home Delivery Program for Senior Hunger Relief
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LOT 2540 Salvage Store located at 411 South Second Avenue, Mayodan, NC. Stop and Shop Wednesday-Friday 11:30-5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm. Proceeds support hunger relief across Rockingham County.

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Text your donation – Text “DonateLOT2540” to 609-375-0446 to give today!

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